22 March 2011

Horn Kitty (WIP) #1

Alright meow, i think its time for a new project (its not the big one, its just another part of it).
So i thought i'd dig up a sketch from one of my early sketch books.

Horn Kitty!! (ill get better at the naming, i promise...)

Spent a few hours on the modelling over the past few days and i reckon im about there. Of course there'll be more tweaks as i get further along with the rigging.

In rigging stages ive only got the base skeleton set out. But i've got a bit of a project aim on this one. It'll have IK/FK switchable limbs as per usual, but i'm going to try have a IK/FK switching Spine. This will probably entail some splineIK stuff, which is always fun wrestling with the loop dependencies it creates (ugh...) and possibly 2 root bones. One at the back as usual and one up at the front.
I thought about this when animating the RobotDog run cycle a while ago. You can have a nice pose on the front, but the slightest tweak at the back of the spine would throw it out alot. Easy enough to work around, but it got me thinking.

Anyway, when i feel like having a break from recording ill be working on this guy, so keep an eye out.
Till then!

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