21 August 2011

Louie and Jason - Possible new project (WIP)

So.... how we all been?
Paris, beautiful weather, the weekend.... Sick as a dog...

Anyway, watched a few movies over the last few days, two of which we're Dogma, and Constantine.
Was in the shower and had an idea.
So after spending 10mins trying to find a pencil, i gave up, grabbed the wacom and woke up the Gimp.
Just a rough idea, took about 20mins, thought id share.

Louie and Jason.
The original brain fart was a slapstick fight scene reminiscent of road runner and wile E coyote. So it may get to the 3D stage and possibly animated. But its pretty full steam ahead animating Babioles so it may delay a little.

Till then,
Au revoir!

(and sorry for taking so long...)

1 comment:

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