30 November 2010

Jump Dingo (WIP) Animation Test #1

A quick little animation test for the JumpDingo using a simplified group. Still got a little while to go, Only gross body movement at the moment.

For those not familiar with the simple group concept, you can create a simple geometry copy of the character and rig it up. I like to use blocks for each bone, no deforming and minimal geometry. Then within your character file, create another group (as apposed to the main group, ie. "character_simple") including only the rig and the simple geometry, so that when your animating you can use that group to take some heat off the CPU. Gives you better play back and helps you concentrate on the movement without all the detail of the model distracting you.
Then when your ready to move onto the finer detail of animation you can just change the target group instance back to the normal group and soldier on.

Flying back to Aus tomorrow morning so it may be a couple more days before i fist again.
Cant wait to get back to summer! (3rd in a row teehehe)


  1. thanks for the tips, Jeremy!

  2. That is a cool tip, thankyou. I will give that a go when I next try character animation.

  3. I've been trying a similar effect by just turning off the geometry, and using B-Bones that roughly match the overall volume of the character.

    Good to know I'm not the only one trying it!