28 August 2012

Pigeon Rig Screencast

This is the robot pigeon that was added as a last minute detail for Tears of Steel.
Originally rigged in 2 hours, yesterday I decided to try it again and screencast it for your viewing pleasure.
2nd time about 45mins (- time for script UI and boneshapes)!
I suppose it doesn’t hurt to know what you’re doing the 2nd time round :P
Model: Kjartan Tysdal

9 August 2012


Hello all!
For the past 6 or so months i have been in Amsterdam again working on the latest blender open movie.
The Mango Project aka "Tears of Steel" is a VFX piece directed by Project London's Ian Hubert.
I've been doing all the animation and character rigging for the film and its been a heap of fun!

Check out what we've been doing at the official blog

Its set to be finished in a few weeks with an online release following a little later after that.

21 August 2011

Louie and Jason - Possible new project (WIP)

So.... how we all been?
Paris, beautiful weather, the weekend.... Sick as a dog...

Anyway, watched a few movies over the last few days, two of which we're Dogma, and Constantine.
Was in the shower and had an idea.
So after spending 10mins trying to find a pencil, i gave up, grabbed the wacom and woke up the Gimp.
Just a rough idea, took about 20mins, thought id share.

23 March 2011

Horn Kitty (WIP) #2

Keeping your old rigs and cannibalising them for parts on your new rigs, is probably the most powerful thing a rigger can do for productivity.
Which is how since yesterday ive managed to rig him almost completely.

22 March 2011

Horn Kitty (WIP) #1

Alright meow, i think its time for a new project (its not the big one, its just another part of it).
So i thought i'd dig up a sketch from one of my early sketch books.

Horn Kitty!! (ill get better at the naming, i promise...)

21 March 2011

Robot Dog (WIP) #6 - Iris Expanded

After the reels went up I was asked how I did the iris on the Robot Dog. I pointed them to wip #5 but i realised i'd actually done more on it since then so ill go over it again.

20 March 2011

The Right Pose for the Rig (with pics)

A while back I hand a little rant about what default pose of the model I like to start with.
Most of the comments were asking for pictures to better illustrate what i mean. Well, when i wrote that it was late at night and i think i just needed to have a little rant about something.... I mean't it all, it was just a slapdash thing so i didnt end up putting any pictures up with it.

Jump Dingo (WIP) Animation Test #2

Hope you've all been enjoying the reels!
After watching them again for the n'teenth billionth time I realised i'd finished the dingo Animation test but hadn't put it up!
Sorry bout that....
Here it is it all it's glory!

Its not polished and refined to be a fine art piece but then again its only a test.